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Rabbi Levene; Emeritus

The extraordinary vision and ceaseless devotions of Rabbi & Rebbitzen Levene are responsible for the development of the Lower Merion Synagogue from a fledgling shul that struggled to maintain a daily minyan to the largest Orthodox synagogue in Pennsylvania. Adina and I consider ourselves privileged to be a part of the LMS family. Together with our four sons, we have found in the Lower Merion Synagogue a center of Torah, Tefillah and Chessed, housed in a beautiful facility, and characterized by remarkable diversity, vibrancy and warmth.

The plethora of minyanim, educational opportunities, social programs and other activities allow meaningful growth options for all without sacrificing the close bonds that unite our ever growing membership. The continual influx of young individuals and families joining our shul and the sight of the hundreds of children that populate it every Shabbat inspire us to build on the successes of the Levenes in order to ensure that Lower Merion Synagogue will always lead our community to greater spiritual heights. 

During my many years at the Lower Merion Synagogue, it has been both a joy and privilege to welcome and grow close to Jews of every social background and national origin. The rich diversity of the many wonderful people, who have passed through our community during my tenure, has served to focus us all upon the wondrous fulfillment which the practice of ahavas yisroel brings to each and every member of Klal Yisroel. At L.M.S. it is not a rare occurrence to see Sephardim Tahorim, products of Litvishe Yeshivos as well as scions of Chassidic Dynasties davening side by side.


At L.M.S. we have been fortunate to witness an Iranian bar mitzvah chanting the Tefillos lovingly taught him by a Syrian Jew. Professors study Talmud with Bnei Torah, and lawyers and doctors learn Daf Hayomi with members of the stock exchange. At L.M.S. one is truly exposed to Torah and Halacha as the sacred bond which makes Klal Yisroel an indivisible nation.



Rabbi Abraham A. Levene

Rabbi Emeritus

Tue, July 16 2024 10 Tammuz 5784