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Community Resources

Chai Career Connections:

Career Connections is a volunteer organization to help employers and qualified job-seekers connect. If you have a position opening, or are looking for a job, please contact Joan Betesh, Intake Coordinator, at


Bikur Cholim of Philadelphia:

Visit the homebound, provide patient transportation or respite for parents of hospitalized children's and a diverse array of other services. Contact Malkie Schwartz at (215) 805-8668.



The Keystone-K proudly certifies a wide variety of quality establishments across the Greater Philadelphia area.


Shatnez Testing:

Have your shatnez testing done locally! Contact Yisroel Akerman at (718) 570-2729 or



The Lower Merion Eruv was established in 1990 by Rabbi Abraham A. Levene, and continues to function under the Halachic Authority of Rabbi Avraham Moshe Katzenelbogen (The Rabbi who is heading the Jerusalem Eruv) with Rabbi Abraham Shmidman being the Mara De’atra.


Funding comes from voluntary contributions from the community. The annual suggested contribution is $100 per family. The funds are expended for checking the eruv, maintenance, repair, improvement, insurance, and telephone. The actual “eruv” (a box of matzot), normally can be found in a wooden box in the Lower Merion Synagogue.


The eruv is checked each week before Shabbat. Each Friday afternoon, an e-mail is sent and a message placed on the eruv phone line, 610-664-5626, option 3, concerning the status of the eruv. No one should rely on the eruv without having ascertained that the eruv is up and functioning. If you wish to be added to the e-mail list, please call the Lower Merion Synagogue at 610-664-5626.


The eruv allows carrying within its boundary of objects that one is allowed to pick up and use on Shabbat, for example, prayer books, pushing baby carriages, reading glasses, etc. It does not permit the transportation of muktzeh items, such as purses, wallets, etc. Please contact Rabbi Shmidman with any questions about what items may be carried when the eruv is up.


In general, the boundary streets, as indicated on the map found at, should be considered as outside the eruv. Anyone with a need to carry on a boundary street should consult Rabbi Shmidman or an officer of the Eruv Corporation, in advance, for the exact location of the boundary.


The Lower Merion Eruv Corporation maintains a website at where you can see the eruv’s boundaries, check the eruv status, and report any possible problems you many have noticed.

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