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Nichum Aveilim

The LMS Nichum Aveilim Committee supports community members who are in situations of Aninut (the period immediately following a death but before the funeral) and/or Aveilut (the period of mourning following the funeral).


The services provided by the Committee fall into three broad categories:


  1. Communication:

An announcement of funeral arrangements and Shiva information is sent to the LMS membership via email.


  1. Household support:

A representative of the Committee is available to consult with the family and determine its needs for the periods of Aninut and Shiva. The Committee is available to help prepare the house for Shiva by covering mirrors, setting up for Minyanim, supplying Shiva chairs and providing other forms of support that may be needed in special situations. They are also able to supply the family with a copy of Rabbi Maurice Lamm’s book “The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning”.


  1. Minyanim:

If the family wishes to have Minyanim at the Shiva house, the Committee supplies Siddurim, a Shtender, Aron Kodesh and a Sefer Torah. A representative of the Committee will be available to assure that a Minyan is available and that the service runs smoothly.


The work of the Committee is overseen by our Mara D’atra, Rabbi Shmidman.



Should, Chas V’shalom, our services be needed, please contact:


LMS office:             (610) 664-5626 or, or

LMS volunteers: Ann Holstein (484)-716-8933 or                                        

Jonathan Stieglitz (484) 381-0209 or

Gail Cantor, Fred Brown, Eitan Dvir, Stuart Rudoler, Yaela Baine


Thank you to the many people who are needed throughout the year to help with shiva minyanim. To assist with shiva minyanim, please contact Jonathan Stieglitz.


May the LMS Family, and all of Klal Yisrael, share only Simchas in the future.

Wed, January 26 2022 24 Shevat 5782